Website Design + Soul Searching

Week 1 

We will go over the basics of our six week journey.

We will uncover your mission statement.

We will create your brand and business description.

...and we will find your business name (if you haven't already.)

Week 2

We're going to dive into the world of Pinterest.

We're going to take a look at my Visual Style Guide

... and you are going to create aVisual Style Guide of your own.

Week 3

You're going to share your story.

We're going to get to the core of 'Why and for Who'

And you will be writing a website manifest.

...but we are going to start with finding the ten keywords to your soul language.

Week 4

This week you will officially register your domain name, exciting! 

We're going to define the structure of your pages. can send me tyour photos or take a look at free stock content.

Week 5

I will explain more about copyright and using visual content for your website.

To Blog or not to Blog? A question you need to think about.

We're going to connect all your social media channels to your website.

...and connect your e-commerce to your offerings!

Week 6

This week I'll show you where to create your marketing magic.

We're going to look at the do's and don't for building your brand.

Take a look at my list of six favourite programs, websites and shops that can help you build your business.

...and we will schedule in the launch of your website!