Find Your Soul Language Course

Find Your Soul Language Course


Lets uncover those hidden gems that are waiting right beneath the surface. Align your soul desires with your soul business through this course. 

Let's do this!

Find Your Soul Language Course

You're running an online business or blog, and need some help with bringing forth your truth.

You have the idea's, the content and the website, and need that extra push to weave it all together.

You're new to this whole "branding your business" thing, and want to know the in's and out's & tips and tricks.

You're looking for an eCourse experience, without the website design.

 Five modules to uncover your online soul language.

Starting up your own business is one thing. Branding and creating an online following is something completely different. Putting yourself -and your business-out there can be scary and overwhelming at times. In this course I will help you find your own voice, your own words and your own style. We will go through writing practices, lots of food for thought and I'll teach you tips and tricks that will make the land of "branding" easier to navigate. 

You will receive five modules with writing and creativity exercises. We will go through practical action steps for building your brand and online following.

This package includes...

A five module course - that you can take at your own pace- to uncovering your online soul language, creating your content, getting clear on your offerings and jumpstarting your online soul business.