Welcome To The Find Your Soul Language Course

Starting up your own business is one thing. Branding and creating an online following is something completely different. Putting yourself -and your business- out there can be scary and overwhelming at times. In this course I will help you find your own voice, your own words and your own style. We will go through writing practices, lots of food for thought and I'll teach you tips and tricks that will make the land of "branding" easier to navigate. 

Lets uncover those hidden gems that are waiting right beneath the surface. Align your soul desires with your soul business through this course. 

I recommend buying a notebook for this course and writing down all the questions and answers, {there is magic in writing down your dreams} so that after this course you have a roadmap to what your brand/dream should look and feel like.



Module 1

We will start with uncovering your mission statement and your brand and business description....and we will find your business name, if you haven't already.

Module 2

Next up we're going to dive into the world of Pinterest. We're going to take a look at my Visual Style Guide... and you will be creating aVisual Style Guide of your own.

Module 3

In module three you're going to share your story, you will be writing a manifest...but we are going to start with finding the ten keywords to find your soul language.

Module 4

We'll start with the Why and for Who. Then I will explain more about copyright and using visual content for your website. And 'To Blog or not to Blog?' 

Module 5

In our last module we're going to look at the do's and don't for building your brand. And I'll share my list of favourite programs that can help you build your business.