Submission Area

Via the links below you will get to know the vision, values, requirements and vibe that we are looking for in our magazine. We have created three different options for you to choose from and we invite you to look through all three of them and pick the one that resonates the most.

Let us move and inspire the world together. 

"Submission is open for our next edition called “Tales of the Forest”

This next edition will be called Tales of the Forest. In this edition we want to bring you the magic of the wild. We want to take you on a trip into the forest and show you how incredibly magical Mother Nature is. We are focusing on topics like zero waste, grounding, rituals, organic nutrition, hiking, meditation, shadow work, healing, anything that has to do with the forest, nature poetry, off-grid living, kindness, protecting the earth…to just name a few. 




Most of the articles will fall into this category. We are looking for articles on practical wisdom, wellness tips, beautiful rituals + eye opening experiences.



There is space available to share your brand and your beautiful creations with us. We are taking in both brand articles as well as products promotions.



If writing is not your strongest suit, we have a few places available for interviews. These interviews will be done via email and beware, we're going deep.

Not all submissions get published.
Nabalo has the right to make edits or decline articles or photos that are not in line with our vision for this Lifestyle Magazine. If your submission gets declined, it doesn’t mean we don’t love it or that it’s not good, it just means that it's not the right fit. You will be contacted before me move into the design phase if we want to publish your work.