Meet Nabalo

Nabalo started with two people dreaming about adventures in far away countries. By following their heart their life become a beautiful blend of wanderlust, wilderness and wellness. 

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nabalo@nabalo.com_Iris _LKO_DSC_0213LKO01.jpg

Iris, a young woman with an mysterious old soul.

Her mission is to inspire and helping others manifest the lifestyle of their deepest desires. She travels the world in search of adventure, and she feels at home in forests of pine and birch. She is passionate about the beauty of nature and honouring that in her photography.

She is a Gemini Sun & Aquarius Moon sign. 
She is a web designer and photographer.
She owns more books than clothes.
She is a highly sensitive introvert
and crazy about essential oils.

Rolf, the heart of a child and the wild soul of a lion.

The combination of spiritual life and science play a big part in his life. He believes that whatever he can imagine, he can create and live accordingly. He has an everlasting trust in the goodness of humans. He is passionate about making weirdness the new normal. 

He is a Leo Sun & Libra Moon sign.
He has worked in 5 different countries. 
He is a huge Terry Pratchett fan. 
He is a highly sensitive extrovert
and loves being around water.

And coffee...always the coffee. 

If it was physically possible to make love to a hot beverage, this would be the one.
— Lorelai Gilmore