The Roots Of Nabalo


A common physics law is; to hold up a structure you need three pillars. Less and the structure will falter, more is possible but not necessarily needed.

For a life supporting structure it is not needed to go over three pillars.
Less and you will miss out on certain of life’s aspects.
But more importantly if we would base it on more than three
it would take too much energy to uphold without the intended results. 
This is a basic rule that is visible all through Nature and makes 3 a sacred number in a lot of ways.

Nabalo is the combination of three aspects that we base our life on.
Nature, Balance & Love.
At our very core there is very little more we need.

It flows, it rings, it connects, it just feels right.
It inspires for more.
What does it mean?
Why is it this?
What can we do with it?
How does it relate to everything?
All of these basic questions of life can be answered through Nabalo.
Nature, Balance, Love.


How do you find true Nature? 
Not only the kind of Nature that surrounds us all physically but also our own, your own true Nature. 

A challenge we are very willing to take up every day. 

For us, that's where it begins, with the willingness to take up the adventure. 

Adventure is what gets us places.

Finding Nature is possible when we accept life as a lesson.

Nature does not provide the way.
Nature provides no straight lines.

It’s about finding your true path, because that is where you can find your true nature.

Nature does not provide explanations.
Nature provides riddles.
And the real answers can be found in your true nature.

In nature the connection is to all. 
All is nature. 

Nature is divine.


We can’t be awake 24hrs a day, waking life needs dreaming life to make sense of it all. We actually turn bonkers if we don’t sleep….which says a lot.

We can’t spend all our time in spiritual development pursuit. Although when you are on your right path, enlightenment will be found in life’s smallest treasures. It all matters how you want to perceive your reality.

Light needs dark to be seen. 

Just as our dark-side is there to be lived and is just as precious as the light side of ourselves.
We all have our dark side and it needs to be there to make our light shine even brighter. 
Even our daily work is needed to make the time we can spend leisurely more pleasant.
Life needs the masculine and feminine to come together in an act of finding it in blissful union.

Being in Balance is utopia it can’t be found. It is the act of constantly trying to find it that keeps us on the rope.

But. Striving is thriving. If you strive for Balance you will thrive in Life.

But why are we going through such lengths of, sometimes painful and difficult, development?
What drives us, what do we all seek, what gives us the energy to keep moving forward?
What is that energy?
How do we keep having the energy for it?

Without knowing the person that sits next to you on the public transport, you can and you are allowed to know that, that person wants to be happy, that person wants to be liked, that person wants to be Loved. 

It is what connects us all.
We all want to be loved. 

Whether we want to admit that, are consciously aware of this fact or not, this is the basic principle of our existence. 

All beings are the very essence of Love.

Love begins with loving ourselves.
Love making creates sacred union.
Love builds.
Love connects.
Love empowers.
Love is here, there, everywhere.
Love is the one thing we can only give more of, get more of, and experience more of.