The Nabalo Method

Let me tell you about my dream and how we made it into our reality. If you know our story then you know a little bit about what our ideal life looks like. We are travelers that are super passionate about natural health + living and even more passionate about helping people manifest their dream life. We love to create, support and build an incredible community and lifestyle center. That has always been our vision with Nabalo.

Something else we want, and I can’t imagine anyone who doesn’t share this dream with us, is time and financial freedom. Basically, we wanted to be able to work from any place, at any time, doing what we love and creating the abundance to help heal the earth and her children and to never have to worry about money. And we believed that this was all possible and within reach. We’re weird like that.

Crazy as we are, we searched and searched until we found a way to make this possible. We did. And now it’s time to link arms with every single person who has the same dream, and make it happen for them too.


When I first heard about network marketing I gave it a big fat no. I was a total skeptic, until I started to see that pretty much any company in the world works in the same way. Network Marketing just means that instead of paying advertisement agencies to create ads for you that are based on nothing, you have your members share authentically about their experiences. Power to the people.


The first time I looked at the income disclosurecompensation plan that YL offers I just couldn't believe it. A year later and we are a Platinum team. I've never come across a company that is so generous and so well thought out. No ceiling, no working for the man, no strict hours. On top of that the effect that their products can have on you and your family's health are incredible. 


I don’t sell, I don’t hunt people down and no-one tells me what I should or can’t do. I fell in love with essential oils and the products of Young Living. So much that I couldn’t shut up about their incredible health benefits. Friends wanted in on the magic that I was experiencing and so I helped them. This is all I did, and here we are, living our dream and helping others to do the same.


If our story resonates, then I am here for you.

I didn’t plan on making this our “business” to be honest I didn’t even believe it was possible at first. But when you find another way to do life, and you see that people go from surviving to thriving, paying of their debts, working from home while seeing their babies grow up, retiring their spouses at age 30, building their dream homes, and living life in a way that brings them total happiness…how could I not share?

I will never push this business on anyone one, I will never “sell” these oils, but you can bet that I will share what this plant magic has done for my health and what incredible abundance this business has given us. And if you are ready to tap into this magic, then I will run with you until you have created the life of your deepest desires.