Midsummer Night's Dream - Litha

The sun reaches the point on the celestial sphere where it is again at the greatest distance from the celestial equator, only this time the earth is tilted its full 23.5 degrees in the direction of the sun. The sun shines directly over the Tropic of Cancer, at a latitude 23 degrees north, and seems to stop for a moment as the earth’s journey around the sun reaches a culmination. 

MusingsIris Nabalo
How To Connect With Your Intuition

Listening to your intuition can be a very good relaxation technique. In order to really listen to what your soul - the seat of your intuition - has to say, you have to be in the moment and let go of everything rational. By doing this your body and mind will relax and let the soul take over for a while.

MusingsIris Nabalo
The Ritual Of Heart Opening By Carly Morgan Gross

Ritual. Act of comforted love. I remind myself: “You are safe. Feel. We’re back. You never left.” The truth is, our lives are rituals in themselves. Any habitual pattern is a ritual. If we wake up and think, “Ugh, another day. Gotta turn my alarm clock off,” thats a ritual in itself. 

Carly, MusingsIris Nabalo
The Ritual of Becoming Me by Kael Klassen

So here’s me; this little wild spirit of a child. A feral thing who thought herself one with the animals but was born with ancestral guilt for showing her skin. A sacred feminine force who was shown from an early age all of the ways that she should feel shame for the brazen passion with which she moved through life. 

Kael, MusingsIris Nabalo