Building Immune Resilience with Medicinal Mushrooms

As a student of naturopathic medicine, I have been exposed to many different herbs, plants, foods, supplements, homeopathics, acupuncture points and other natural treatments that can help the body strengthen its natural ability to ward off external pathogens and maintain harmony in the body.

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Create The Possibilities You Have Been Waiting For

Soul Searchers, Magic Makers, Wander Lusters, & Freedom Seekers, this is for you. Do you want to dive into your dream and create the possibilities that you have been waiting for? Who am I kidding, of course you do! Here are some of my fav's to break out of stagnant energy and call in abundance.

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The Ritual of Intent & Mindfulness By Stefano Tripney

Stefano creatively bridges the inner workings of the mind and body with our collective external landscapes in order to explore, learn, experience, and play with the world and our place in it. He is known for his bright energy and ability to inspire mindful execution, technical skill, physical competence and limitless creativity in his clients and classes.

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Cosmic Messages : July, Life is Nurturing and Warm

 We start July off in the nurturing solar season of Cancer. With this representing the sun at its highest and warmest position, we can feel a bit vulnerable. This is where Cancer’s archetype ‘The Crab’ comes in. Seeking refuge from the heat and the sun’s powerful spotlight, many of us will look for safety and security in our homes, hiding out from the sweltering afternoons. 

The Birth Of A Hawk Moth

At the end of last summer I found two caterpillars alongside a road. Normally I don't interfere with nature, but these caterpillars were trying to make their way into the soft sand of a construction side, which was soon going to be getting a layer of cement. It was also pretty late in the season, so I decided to try to save them.

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Midsummer Night's Dream - Litha

The sun reaches the point on the celestial sphere where it is again at the greatest distance from the celestial equator, only this time the earth is tilted its full 23.5 degrees in the direction of the sun. The sun shines directly over the Tropic of Cancer, at a latitude 23 degrees north, and seems to stop for a moment as the earth’s journey around the sun reaches a culmination. 

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How To Connect With Your Intuition

Listening to your intuition can be a very good relaxation technique. In order to really listen to what your soul - the seat of your intuition - has to say, you have to be in the moment and let go of everything rational. By doing this your body and mind will relax and let the soul take over for a while.

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The Ritual Of Heart Opening By Carly Morgan Gross

Ritual. Act of comforted love. I remind myself: “You are safe. Feel. We’re back. You never left.” The truth is, our lives are rituals in themselves. Any habitual pattern is a ritual. If we wake up and think, “Ugh, another day. Gotta turn my alarm clock off,” thats a ritual in itself. 

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